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Message from the Chairman, Donald Emslie

 ‘Whilst the last few years have seen difficult trading conditions for hotels, it has also been a time of significant change and advancement within the industry.

CHMC’s philosophy is to concentrate on growing revenues by positioning the core product correctly in the marketplace.  This means pursuing the local market on the door step whilst ensuring that the sales strategy is correct to deliver maximum returns from the wider national and international markets.

This does sometimes involve investing in systems and properly trained personnel but if these aspects are developed correctly, the business will start to grow.

Technology, and specifically digital marketing, is now so important in maximising hotel revenue and yield that the sales and marketing resources within hotels play a crucial role.

It is relatively easy to enter into a process of cost cutting when revenue shows signs of decline; it is a much harder decision to invest in the sales team and technology required to grow the business.

Of course it is critical to always have an eye on cost to ensure that all areas of the business are profitable. However CHMC’s core belief is that achieving consistent customer satisfaction throughout the guests’ stay will build long term value for a hotel. In such a competitive marketplace, cost-cutting can damage the hotel’s relationship with guests whose custom has been hard fought for and whose good opinion can easily be lost.

CHMC understand that creating long term value is important and we work hard with our clients to find the most effective solutions for their individual business. 
If you would like to achieve better performance from your hotel, I would be happy to discuss the CHMC approach with you.

Donald Emslie, Chairman